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6 Key Traits for Creating Truly Effective Content on Social Media

You should know by now how much social media affects not only your everyday choices, but business and commerce all around the world! All major brands have a steady and firm online presence on every important social media platform. This is why your business needs Prosperity Research Digital Agency (PRDA)- it’s the ultimate social media agency you need to boost your branding and attract more customers. Hiring an experienced agency can help your business remain popular and focus your marketing methods to a more targeted audience.

Techniques such as daily updates, photos or contests are always there to help users remember their favorite brands. But what does good content look like? Follow the 6 key traits listed below and there is no doubt you will see a positive difference in your content production.

Specific Audience

First of all, if you are trying to focus on every demographic, then you will not succeed. Good content should be focused with a specific group of people in mind. Before you ever write a word of content, take a moment to think carefully about exactly who your audience is and what you want them to do after reading it. Always provide a Call To Action, a direction that your reader should follow after reading your content.

Keyword Placement

The best way to attract the right audience to your post is to use the right keywords. For example, if you are writing about smoothie recipes, then the keywords you should use are smoothies, smoothie recipes, cool refreshment, healthy beverage, etc. Try not to repeat the same word(s) too frequently.

Overall Goal

Before you start writing, consider the topic from the viewer’s perspective. What benefit will your target audience receive from reading your content? When you answer this question, your content will be upgraded, and the quality of your article will have improved.

Keep it Interesting

People are often bored when trying to read long articles, with no photos and no key points. Try to provide your readers with some ‘fun’ elements to keep them entertained. Add photo’s, bullet points and structure that is appealing to the eye- and stay away from the wall of text!


Whatever the subject, your content should provide some new information that the reader doesn’t already know. Try adding some interesting facts or statistics in order to attract more readers.

Spread the Word

Your content could be magnificent; however, if not spread across the internet, no one will have the chance to read it. Make sure that you post to all of your social media profiles and even repost it a few days later. The more you distribute it, the more people will find it and read it.

As Asia’s first and leading social media agency, Prosperity Research Digital Agency (PRDA) has been in the business for over 10 years and provides a complete solution for all your Social Media Management. Reach out and contact them today for an estimate!

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