Digital Audit/ Transformation

Objective Digital Audits are critical for a constructive and instructive evaluation of social media success. Coca Cola and McDonald’s are two of the best known global brands well suited for Social Media Success.

  • performance is far below 100% performance

  • virtually ZERO engagement rate despite millions of Fans translating into

  • disengaged and neglected Fans and

  • NO ROI for the company

Mistakes in process and measurement become permanent over time and more difficult to identify and change. This leads to a steady path of declining rewards to Fans, employees and the business. It is only through a thorough Digital Audit can a turn around happen to return Fan Engagement, Employee Empowerment and Business ROI. 


*Data by FanpageKarma

PRDA conducts many Digital Audits for companies from SMB to MNC. We have always demonstrated how to achieve a 30% improvement in performance immediately.  


  • 2nd largest B2B portal

    • increased demographically targeted engagement 3000%

    • realigned 40% of advertising budget to increase conversions 500%

    • helped to establish KPIs that were measurable and provide a sustainable growth strategy and aligned with clear business objectives

  • 7th largest ​financial products company

    • upskilled regional staff to ensure clear understanding of social media strategy​

    • identified US$2,000,000 per year in misaligned advertising spend and redirected to conversion generating 

    • created common practices and procedures that ensured a sustainable platform from which to build

  • 2nd largest television manufacturer 

    • Provided C-suite a clear and actionable gap analysis

    • Provided management a clear actionable roadmap

    • Defined current cost, savings, increased ROI and other critical information to drive business decisions

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