• Douglas White

Vine videos maybe silly, but the design is smart

Vine is a newish mobile video app that allows users to record 6 second videos that loop. At first blush it might be easy to dismiss as frivolous, after all what can you do with a 6 second video? In reality this is a brilliant design based on decades of deep research on consumer behaviour and leveraging the best of current technology

  • Short

  • Image based video

  • Friendly

  • Short and sweet Did you notice that camera shots on TV changes about every 3 seconds? That is because the attention span of a viewer is very, very short. When it comes to online viewing it is even shorter. This is the difference between TV (sitting back) and online video (sitting forward). The expectation of being entertained is much higher. If you have not caught their attention in the first 5 seconds chances are they are gone and not coming back.*So what we know is that people will watch almost anything for 6 seconds but few will watch anything longer. Goodbye 15 second Viddy.

  • A picture paints a thousand . . . Living in Asia I have become well aware of the usefulness of video to tell a story rather than text. In Asia a text based ad requires 17 languages for 16 countries or 1 video. You do the math. Also studies over the last half decade (since YouTube) show that consumers if given an opportunity to watch a product video before buying are highly likely to do so and those that do report a higher product satisfaction and are less likely to return the product.​

  • Friendly like I have known you all my life People hate change, period! There is the illusion that our online world has become more complicated, when in fact it is simpler now that it ever before. Our access to information is great, but the channels and actions we need to navigate are very few. Vine has built on 3 key principles to quickly get adoption by users. These are mobile, integrated into an existing super platform (Twitter) and use requires limited and familiar actions.

Vine has all of the elements that consumers want in a rapid use app. Additionally, its base function is optimised for online video viewing which makes it a potential business success. Vine learned and made itself better.

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