• Douglas White

Indonesia’s Obsession with Social Media is Good for You

Indonesia has long been a social media phenomenon in Asia. As early as 2009, Indonesia was used as a cheap “Friend Farm” as I called it back then. We know them now as companies providing fake or zombie accounts used to artificially inflate Fan numbers. Those days may have stimulated Indonesia’s social media excess, but it has become very real since. I do not think it is particularly curious that Indonesia is mad about social media, what I find odd is that so many marketers in Asia seem to be afraid of Indonesians on their pages. The second most frequent question asked by clients is, “Why are there Indonesians on my Facebook page?” I think the answer is pretty simple.

The most simple answer is the Social Graph. People “like” things usually because people they know also Like them. Indonesia demonstrates a higher than average (for Asia) activity through the social graph from:

  • The sheer level of activity on social media

  • Outbound labour from Indonesia creating more connections outside Indonesia

So what does having Indonesians on your Facebook page mean to you? If Indonesia is your target population then all good. However, if it is not the results may be mixed. I have reviewed 30 of our clients in Asia who do not specifically target Indonesia and find that the numbers are less than 1% of total Fans. Hardly worth mentioning and definitely not a marketing concern. However, the benefits may be great. The basic concept of social media is the Social Graph. The ultimate goal is sustainability through Fan engagement as Brand Ambassadors. Given the high level of activity and overall low rate of total Fans, it could be easily seen as positive to most any company to have such enthusiastic Fans as part of the community.

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