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Social media is not for Amateurs anymore: This is Big Data

Social media used to be fun. When did it become such work. For a few short years it seemed to be a blessing for SME’s. A cost effective solution that anyone could manage with a little time while they built their business. And then it changed. Instagram sold for a billion dollars then Whatsapp sold for 19 billion. Facebook, by population is the 3rd largest in the world and is represented by virtually every country and language in the world. It got complicated!

All of these apps in order to manage the huge flow of data through them and to make enough money to justify their status necessarily needed to make things harder. It is simple to understand, if you have 1 billion people all talking at once how do you make it so everyone can hear each other, or so some can hear some above all others?

It is strange how often the new is really just something old all spruced up. Our mobile phones are amazing, but they are really just radios. And what drives our fabulous apps, SnapChat, Facebook, Instagram is just good old SEO and a little statistics.

*This report is from FanPageKarma a social media assessment application. All are well known brands in Hong Kong, but only one is reaching their customers. The others are creating nice looking social media posts that unfortunately few will see.

Big Data

In order to make sure all of the content (data) you see is the best of the best our wonderful apps do things you probably never even knew.

Keywords, formatting, content type, profile of sender, day parting, #tags, @mentions, frequency, multi-posting, share quality, strength of social graph and other factors get put into the, metaphorical, blender and swirled about and cream rises to the top and sediment falls to the bottom.

In the last year changes in Facebook has made managing a page for your business without the support of advertising or professional services impossible. The level of technical understanding to achieve social media relevance along with the volume of work such as planning, writing, translating, SEO, publishing, monitoring, engagement, advertisement management, reporting, testing, and staying current has moved it from being a Fun alternative to 7 day a week role that one person could never be expected to do. Fortunately PRDA offers SME packages for all budgets and works to create locally based cooperative social media marketing communities.

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