• Douglas White

WeChat Service Account Apps Save China Social Media

China internet users hit an all time high with almost 700 million registered users. However, during this time use of social sites dropped 12% with the exception of WeChat. Why is this? My assumption, which is shared by many, is that government crackdown has made open social sites like Sina Weibo less attractive. Too much is visible on these sites and therefore suspect by censures. This is also a reason given for Facebook slowing. Too much (uninteresting) information. But WeChat is different. WeChat operates closer to a messaging app where you select who you want to see a post and others need to take action to see your posts. Instead of a dizzying newsfeed of everybody’s dirty laundry the content shared and seen is more discreet. This is one of the attractive features of WeChat, but there are more.

WeChat app for Service Accounts is great. We recently built a WeChat Service app for a client and the results are fantastic. WeChat allows for seamless connection with outside content which includes direct links to your website or sales portal. Multiple menus can be created to drive a wide range of user experiences and link them to product information, customer service or a great variety of user experiences can be created.

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