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Facebook advertising for SME’s: How to quadruple your advert budget

Facebook’s recent changes to their algorithm (fancy word for formula that decides what people see in their news feeds) has greatly limited businesses ability to get seen with just good content alone. Unless you are an SEO/ SEM guru like we are at PRDA you may need to try Facebook advertising. Over the next weeks I will layout some basic strategies to help you make good, and simple, decisions that will improve your performance without breaking the bank. Some of the topics I will cover are:

  • Boost post vs. Adverts manager

  • Page Likes vs Post promotion and others options

  • Selecting posts for promotion

  • Creating impactful ads

  • Using A/B testing or other ROI tests to choose the best performance

  • Audiences

  • Advanced demographic targeting info

  • and more!

Boost post vs Ad manager which to choose?

Boost post is found on your Facebook page and is located on every post in the bottom right hand corner. The ads manager is found on your news feed page in the upper left hand corner.

Which is better? This is an easy one to figure, anything that is easier to use is usually the more expensive. Boost post provides fewer options and costs more to use than the Adverts Manager.

Boost cost 4 times as much with a fraction of the reach!

How to use Adverts Manager:

  • Click on Adverts Manager

  • Click on Create Ad

  • Click Page Post Engagement

  • Click the drop down arrow and scroll to then select the desired post to promote

  • Set the demographic data. It is better to leave the net wide rather than too small. Start with Location, Gender, Age and Language.

TIP! Language is key to Hong Kong. It is the best way to target in Hong Kong.

  • Set the Budget and duration -- for as little as HK$10 per day!

There you have it. In a few short clicked you can achieve a significant cost savings and extended reach. Be smart and contact us at PRDA for all your social media management needs.

Much success,


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