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Facebook advertising for SME’s: Page Likes vs. Post Promotion and other magic

Writing good posts and publishing them at the correct times is still the best way to manage your Facebook profile. But sometimes a little extra oomph is not a bad thing. In the last post we discussed Boost post vs Adverts manager and this week we will look at the different advertising options for Facebook.

Page Likes vs Post promotion and others options?

There are a number of options on Facebook advertising but the two most common are Page Likes and Post Promotion.

  • Page Like - specifically designed to get new Fans to Like your page. This increases the size of your online community. Caution should be exercised to only get the correct Fans to Like your page. Lookiloos and other unwanted Likes will only dampen future marketing efforts costing you money and lost ROI.

  • Post Promotion - specifically to increase the engagement with a single post; Likes, comments and shares. This is an effective way to get more attention for selected posts and to keep Fans engaged with content by giving it a “leg up” in newsfeeds.

Whereas there is overlap between the two. That is people who Like your page may interact with posts and those that engage with promoted posts may Like your page too, the overlap tends to be slight and therefore a combination of both is often recommended.

What is the right balance?

There is no perfect balance but it is critical that you only spend money on potential customers and that the effect can be sustainable without needing to spend increasing amounts of money to deliver the same results.

We look for a Fan growth (in line with below recommendation), Organic Engagement Rate and Organic Reach to really tell the true health of a community. If you look to Organic engagement and demographically targeted Fan growth then the pace should find its own rate (see above chart for guideline applicable to SME’s). However, Organic Reach is the truth teller. If while using Paid promotions you are still able to maintain strong Organic Reach and if you stop the Paid promotions the Organic Reach only drops slightly, then you know you have found the good balance.

Organic Reach: A measure of real Fans engaging with your posts and their impact on their Fans too. This is one of social media’s most pure metrics.


Use Facebook Audience Insights to get a (very) close look on your community

Fan Growth MUST always be demographically targeted. Facebook provides data to determine such things as as well as benchmarks of the existing Facebook demographic so you can compare your community against the larger Facebook population:

  • Age

  • Gender

  • Marital Status

  • Location

  • Language

  • Job Title

Fan Growth should never exceed the reasonable population of your product. We are located in Hong Kong so if we are representing a brick and mortar shop in Hong Kong with offline retail only and we know that the population of Hong Kong is about 7 million then logic suggest that our community will be smaller than that number. How to do this? Use your own marketing tools, find out subscription data from magazines, use Facebook to tell you how many of a certain type of person is registered on Facebook by using the advert tool, government data or just plain common sense.

Promoted Posts should always positively impact Organic Engagement. Organic Engagement is a measure of Fans who engage with your posts that were not brought there through a Paid channel. In theory these are people who found you because they searched or were recommended by Friends.

When using Page Likes and Promoted posts be smart. Quick wins may get you numbers but it is unlikely sustainable and you will likely get Fans of low quality which is a long term burden with no benefit.

Be smart and contact us at PRDA for all your social media management needs.

Much success,



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