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When Fishing for Fans remember the post is the bait, NOT the whole meal

This is Facebook Advertising 3! In past posts we have covered simple steps on how to maximize your budget for success and how to use the many options available to accurately target your messages. Now that you have mastered those skills, it is time to start creating the best advert posts possible.

You are going to need an image and a message and here is the easiest way to get them. Go to Facebook Insights and select the posts that performed best for organic engagement. On Facebook Insights using the “posts” it becomes clear which posts performed best. Hint: they have the bigger lines! it is important to note that if you do use paid promotion the “Reach” line will show as a combination of light and dark orange. The dark orange is the paid result. It should be ignored for this exercise. By clicking on the header row you can sort by column giving different views of the information. Fun to play with but not necessary. You only need posts from the most recent period. As you can see the last post in this example performed much better than the others - pick that one. You don’t need to worry about it already have been posted as by promoting it will be offered to a new audience of people. However, you should take care about promoting posts for events that have passed.

Don’t use Boost Post! You already know that! Use the advert manager!

Now that you have found the best performing post the next question that comes to your mind is, “Why is the best performing post”? I can share some techniques to improve post performance, but others I can not. Much of what you view in social media is controlled by elaborate programs called Algorithms that select certain posts to appear more frequently than others. However, since these algorithms are written and maintained by the app owner, we do not know exactly how they work. But we can make some assumptions and watch performance. Here are some easy to manage variables to increase post performance.

Content type - posts seldom have one type of content. It is usually a mix of image or video, text and links that create a post

  • Text - Keep it short. Latest statistics show that messages about 70 characters work best. People DO NOT READ, they scan. High value keyword and critical details are all you use.

  • Link - all links that are left in the post should be shortened and, unless with a good reason, direct to your website or other sale point.

  • Images - For Facebook use 1 big, shape is horizontal or square. If you are still using portrait format like flyers or leaflets, STOP IT! Never post a flyer. If you want to post a flyer first create a Facebook Note and post it there and then post to your timeline.

  • Video - Video in place of image? Performance is different with more plays and shares than images. ALWAYS upload the video. Just adding the link diminishes appearance and greatly decreases the effectiveness of the postImages get the most likes and comments.


The biggest requirement for creating effective posts is restraint. Force yourself to write short succinct messages, use only on image and make sure you have include the correct link and it looks nice -- shorten it!

There are many more tips I can share with you, but these will get you going in the right direction. Remember your post is the bait on the hook, not the whole meal!

Much success,



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