• Douglas White

4 days, 2 Countries 9 industries: Intensive Social Media Strategy Optimisation Workshop

I recently put a personal challenge to myself. I took on the task of designing and delivering an intensive 2 day social media strategy optimisation workshop for senior marketing members. Most who have asked me why I took on the task asked about the money or the potential contacts. I did not do it for either. With every thought leader at some time a healthy level of doubt should creep in as to whether what you are saying is really the truth. For me, unlike many other thought leaders in this emerging and quickly evolving industry of social/ digital, I am forced to deliver daily. What I mean is that I have never had the luxury of deep pockets or forgiving clients. My knowledge came from almost 30 years of experience of hands on practical delivery and making smart, and sometimes really stupid, decisions tested against the world and validated with repeated success. Over this series of 9 blogs I am going to summarise what I taught, and more importantly what I learned. The areas covered will include but not be limited too (as I give myself the freedom to innovate or get losts as I choose).

  • Session 1: Social Media in 2015 and Beyond

  • Link so session 1 on Slideshare:

  • What we can learn from the past that will continue into th future

  • Evolution of human behaviour

  • Evolution of technology

  • The interaction of people, content and technology

  • Session 2: Social Media Competitive Analysis and Benchmarking

  • Identifying real KPI’s

  • Determining if competitors are really competitive or just smoke and mirrors

  • Developing a strategy of success based on truths and not perceptions

  • Session 3: Optimising Your Social Media Strategy

  • All the cogs in the machine that make it run

  • Social media is more science than art but,

  • Looking good is never a bad thing or not winning the ugly contest

  • Session 4: Content Editorial and Creation

  • The true test - do you publish for yourself or for your customers

  • Can a picture truly paint a 1000 words

  • How much can you communicate in .25 seconds?

  • Session 5: Brand Publishing

  • The concept of reticular

  • Identifying the key links that make the strategy grow

  • Different platforms, different purpose, same message

  • Session 6: Social CRM and Engagement

  • The 4th most demanded KPI is customer service response

  • Reputation management

  • Take care of #1 your customer

  • Session 7: Lead Generation and Social Selling

  • All those Fans and all that data and no ROI? Let’s change that

  • Predatory marketing strategies for positive lead generation

  • Session 8: Social Data Analytics and Reporting

  • It is ALL about the numbers

I hope that over the next weeks of summarizing and elaborating on these sessions I can stimulate some good conversations and provide some insights that may be new or at least question the current path of social/ digital strategy.

Much success,


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