• Douglas White

Dad, Brother, me and the Southwestern United States Road Trip 2015

My annual road trips with my Dad and Brother are the highlight of my year. We have shared experiences that are near impossible to put into words, and maybe that is best as they are our memories and do not need to be shared.

But a week long road trip from Las Vegas Nevada through Sedona New Mexico to the Grand Canyon up to Bryce Canyon in Utah and then the stunning Zion National Forest some pictures have to be taken and uploaded to Facebook and Instagram. The problem with wanting to post and share your great adventure pics and posts as you travel around is mobile service. On our last years big road trip I had to purchase 3 different SIM cards just to maintain coverage as we travelled from Yakima Washington to Sturgis North Dakota. This year I took along a GlocalMe. This device kept me connected if there is any 2g/3G/4G service available. The 11 dollar a day cap on data costs meant it was much cheaper than the US$20 dollar a day roaming data fee my phone provider was charging. Even if I had again purchased “pay as you go” SIM cards I would have needed multiple SIMS to cover all the travel areas we visited and at US$50 dollars each with a 1gig max on data the cost and complexity was just silly. Another great thing about the GlocalMe was that it connects up to 5 devices. So even my Dad and Brother when they hit dark spots in their service areas they stayed connected with my GlocalMe at no extra charge.

The GlocalMe was light and portable. We just set it on the console of the car or the desk in the hotel room for complete WiFI coverage. When we went for a hike it was durable enough to be tossed in the backpack or slipped into my back pocket. GlocalMe let us enjoy our Family trip with ease, from our posting of pictures to keeping from getting lost with our GPS Google Maps always working. My Dad, Brother and me have many more long road trips planned and the first thing to get packed is the GlocalMe.

Much success,



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