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Expanding your business abroad? Read these tips

With the enormous amount of competition online, appealing to a regional or national audience can be a major struggle. It’s a good idea to take smaller steps towards tangible, realistic goals. If you are looking for professional help in this regard then Prosperity Research Digital Agency(PRDA), can help! PRDA is the most prominent social media agency in Asia. It has been in the social media game for over a decade and has been doing extraordinarily well with providing eminent services to their clients. PRDA provides a complete solution for Social Media Management, including SEM, SEO, Social CRM, Risk Management, Lead Generation and much more.

Worldwide trade increases sales and revenue, improves a business's standing, produces employments, and offers a valued system for corporate owners to manage periodic fluctuations. Due to these benefits more retailers are discovering the value in taking a global approach, but it requires a great deal of time and careful preparation. Here’s are 5 key items to consider:

1. Get Local:

It’s key to appeal to your global audience on a local scale; try providing localized contact information and customer support to show you’re in touch with local audiences and their needs.

Segment your entire marketing strategy, as well as the rest of your business, by region. You’ll need to employ or outsource customer support representatives who are fluent in the required languages and be able to provide local phone numbers, and any other contact information that your customers might need.

2. Obtain Professional Translations:

Does your business have an official website? If not, get one created now- before anything else. In today’s tech world it is a vital step for every business. Then, before your expand overseas, have your website professionally translated into the local language- an absolute must, even when it costs a lot of money. While using a shortcut such as Google Translate may seem appealing, it can harm your reliability with overseas audiences. Even an inexpensive human translation might be of ordinary quality which can damage your reputation and influence customer opinions. Hence, seek help from professional experts such as PRDA to translate your website, social media profiles, product demos, and maintenance info. PRDA provides social media success in English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.

3. Get to know what social platforms your clients use:

While using Facebook, Twitter and Google+ may seem as a fantastic opportunity to connect with international audience. However, when you’re taking a global approach, you need to remember that these US-based tech giants aren’t necessarily the most popular in every country in the world. Instagram and WeChat, for example are 2 popular platforms to consider using in China. You may need to seek professional help with registration, etc.

4. Localize your sales campaigns:

Every country and region has its own set of public holidays and major events, and they can differ enormously from what you might be used to back home. Take local holidays into account when planning your sales campaign.

5. Provide local payment opportunities:

In this digital era, most of the customers prefer paying online. Hence, if you do not offer the preferred payment method or currency options then you will not make many sales among local clients.

Expanding your business into foreign markets requires much preparation and research.. It is often better to seek professional help especially if you are a new company or startup. And, if you wish to know where your brand stands among competitors, then find out now with PRDA’s free report and competitor analysis!

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