• Douglas White

Five Tips on How to Spot Fake News Online

Many rumors have been circulating these days on mainstream social media. These posts, designed to deceive, spread like wildfire among social media users. Only later, if ever, do readers discover that the stories they shared may have been false. Prosperity Research Digital Agency(PRDA) has 5 top tips for you on how to spot fake news- hopefully before sharing! PRDA is Asia's leading social media management agency and offers a variety of services to their clients such as SEO, Branded Content, Reputation Management, Digital Strategy etc. They are known for delivering success and premium services to their clients.

Here are 5 tips on how to recognize a fake news story:

#1 Beyond the Headlines – Many readers will assume the news from just the headline. Fake news publishers sometimes exploit this tendency, and often, clicking through to the article will reveal that the headline provides nothing to back it up.

  • Solution: Click through and at minimum, skim the article to see if it rings true.

#2 See who Published the Article – Unfamiliar websites ladened with ads should immediately become suspect for publishing false news. However, checking its content and other articles on Google should give you an idea of its trustworthiness.

  • Extra Credit: Check the timestamp as sometimes old articles or events can resurface and lead people to believe they just happened.

#3 Look at the Links – Articles and posts that do not provide enough sources always seem suspicious, but many fake links could also be provided supporting the delusive information.

  • Solution: Check to see that claims supported by links actually come from reliable sources.

#4 Questioning Photos and Quotes – It’s incredibly easy to take a photo from one event and say it’s from another.As well as invent false quotes; expecially from celebrities! Be skeptical of shocking or suspicious quotes, and hit Google to see if they have been reported elsewhere.

  • Always: Verify anything suspicious with a quick bit of Google-Fu(a quick google search).

#5 Think Before You Share – Fake websites rely heavily on online users sharing and propagating their falsified claims. These go viral in no time and can balloon out of control and have unintended consequences for those involved in the stories.

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