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Take Your Social Media Strategy Back to Basics

As the new horizon of technology dawns over and over today’s world, social media spending continually increases. While many marketers are shifting their businesses to an online market, most do not realize the fundamental concepts and are not prepared to manage the challenges of social media. However, Prosperity Research Digital Agency (PRDA) can be availed for such service. As Asia’s first and leading social media agency, PRDA has been in the business for over 10 years and provides a complete solution for all your Social Media Management.

If you’re a marketer looking for fixes in your social media strategy, you need a process that leads to individual, personalized solutions.. You must return to the basics where you can use the cardinal concepts of marketing and modify them according to the social media fueled by users/customers. Here’s a framework for doing that:

Define the status quo

Identify your business objectives, target audience, your industry, its performance, and competitors on the whole. Always recognize your business essentials, a startup may need to generate awareness. If you think your brand is losing interest from consumers, try to revive its image to receive positive feedback and re-engage your customers!

Identify and listen to your target audience

Here’s where social media kicks in. Brands cannot talk to everyone across all social channels, so define your target audience. What are they doing in social media, and where are they doing it? What are consumers saying about your brand, products, services, and competitors? It’s important to define who you’re catering your products for. You must start paying attention to the needs and requirements of the target group and allow them to perceive your product completely.

Create social media content that drives engagement.

Engage your target audience by uploading content your followers like. Fresh and relevant content with a pinch of creativity makes your business unique in all the ways your customers find appealing! Ideas include “how to” articles, recipes or simply something entertaining- along side product post of course! Where you deliver the content is also extremely important. Some social media channels are best for sharing short, current updates (Twitter), others are better for delivering video content (YouTube), and some reach a younger audience with pictures (Instagram). The best social media plans deliver content that’s optimized to each channel. Engage the target audience on the channels they use with material that is unique to the channel.

Obtain step by step guidelines on how to leverage the details and algorithms of popular social media platforms to maximise your content reach and engagement directly from the experts at PRDA. Prosperity Research Digital Agency (PRDA) helps your business stay on top of social media with fresh monthly content, posted to 5 top distribution sites!

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