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Choosing the Right Ad Platform for Your Business

Choosing the appropriate platform to place your ads helps you reach a much larger portion of your customers quicker. Social Media Marketing is a must for every business to succeed these days. And according to Prosperity Research Digital Agency, Asia’s leading social media agency, social media content placed on the right platforms will yield more sales and bring into business more customers. Marketing campaigns should be precise and focused on your target audience's needs to be effective. Use the below factors to decide what the best platform is for your business to focus on- though preferably you should use, and post regularly on, as many as possible!

Is your product in high demand?

Marketing raises awareness of products and stimulates sales. Knowing whether your product has a high demand or not can help you decide the best platform to spend your money on, in the form of ads. The Google AdWords Keyword Planner can help you to learn what the demand is for your product. This tool lets you search keywords that relate to your business or product, and see the number of searches and the cost per click.

When a product is in high demand, it’s best to use search engines, and social media sites like Google+, because people are already looking for it. When product demand is low, use Facebook or other social media platforms to create awareness through Social Media Marketing.

Are you trying to find additional customers, or focus on your current ones?

If you’re targeting new customers, then you should assume that your brand is new to the market. You will want to focus on creating more awareness, marketing, to get potential new customers interested in your product. This requires you to post your ads on social media, rather than focusing on search engine results, where many potential new customers visit every day. You can combine both search engine results and social media marketing if you want to work on retaining existing customers along with adding new clients for your business. If money is tight, Facebook advertising is your best bet in targeting new customers.

Are You Targeting Fellow Businesses or the Typical Consumer?

This is a very important point to consider when you want to place ads. Google+ is known to be good for those who target customers, while LinkedIn is a nice platform for those who are targeting other businesses. Facebook and Twitter are normally used by both customers and businesses. Depending on your target audience, you should choose the best platform where your target audience happens to be found in large numbers.

Once you determine which platform is best for you, start with the Keyword Planner on Google and Audience Research on Facebook. And if you get lost, be sure to contact a professional social media agency for help. Find out now where your brand stands among competitors with PRDA’s Free Facebook Report and Competitor Analysis!

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