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Attention Business Owners: Must-Read Social Media Marketing Tips

With technological advancements, social media is now the major source of news, local information, business information, consumer research, as well as a place to keep in touch with friends and family. Marketing and Advertising on Social Media has become a necessity for businesses, something that the Prosperity Research Digital Agency can attest to. For business owners no matter the size, industry or location, social media gives a chance to reach an audience of consumers.

Prosperity Research Digital Agency(PRDA) is Asia’s leading social media agency, providing weekly content creation, customised for your business, in English, Traditional and/or Simplified Chinese. Their proven data driven process delivers predictable results driven by organic, real people action. Here are a few recommended tips to keep your social media in tip top shape!

Keep Your Accounts Active and Be Consistent

It does not matter which industry you are in or the size of your business, your social media accounts must be active. Post regular updates frequently, not in bursts. Try posting at least once a day to start and increase to up to 3x a day depending on your time restraints. Avoid not posting for days or weeks and then suddenly posting a dozen times over a couple days.

Be Relevant

Try to only share content that is less than a year old, unless it has a unique relevance to your business. The content should be interesting and always relate in some way to your brand. If you’re selling wedding dresses, interesting article about shoes, or bridal bouquets would be a great way to start drawing the interest of potential clients.

Hire a Professional

One social media marketing tip is to avoid assigning social media account management to an untrained staff member or even a manager. Not everyone knows what will work and what will not. Remember that you are reaching out to thousands of people, and the wrong post going viral could be a travesty for your business! A professional has the knowledge and the experience needed to ensure maximum results. With a professional social media manager, your efforts and money will not go to waste.

Know What You Post

One huge mistake you can make with social media marketing campaigns is to just post anything at any time. Just posting content is not all that matters. Timing is everything!

Understand That an Ad Does Not Mean Sales

In social media, marketing ads do not always mean that you will see immediate sales, they are the perfect way to create awareness, so that customers will remember your business next time they are shopping for that wedding dress… or whatever your product happens to be.

One of the best things to businesses of all sizes is to have the right social media presence. Nearly everyone worldwide is now active on social media- so you should take advantage of a knowledgeable social media manager to take your media presence to another level. Do you know where your brand currently stands among competitors? Find out now with PRDA’s Free Facebook Report and Competitor Analysis.

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