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Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival means Business and Networking Opportunities

If you do business in Hong Kong or China, you must be familiar with the Mid-Autumn Festival (or Mooncake Festival). It’s the second most important festival for Chinese people after the Lunar New Year! With more than a decade’s experience, Prosperity Research Digital Agency(PRDA) has provided professional Social Media Marketing to a variety of businesses. PRDA provides your business with fresh and genuine branded content so that your Digital Marketing soars over your competition!

The Mid-Autumn festival was originally meant to honour your ancestors and deities; however, it’s also the perfect time for networking in Hong Kong and China- leading to magnificent business opportunities and strengthen professional relationships.

This year’s Mid-Autumn Festival falls on October 4th-5th, 2017, when the moon will be at its prime, shining bright. So if you are doing business in Asia anywhere, don’t forget to acknowledge the festival. As an official holiday period, all governmental sectors are closed as well as most privately own businesses.

But business minded people can still capitalise on this holiday- generating revenue but perhaps more importantly, building business relationships, ie networking! The festival presents an opportunity for families to unite and create strong bonds. In the same vein, during this festival, businesses whom have business links with Hong Kong and China are expected to take time to build strong business relationships. It’s a tradition to give mooncakes to friends and colleagues during this time and can be a very important time for business growth and development.

The festival is also a time when businesses can get creative with their marketing, and start thinking beyond the cliché greeting messages of wishing good holidays and etc. The Mid-Autumn Festival is the perfect opportunity to position your brand as one close to the virtues of the Chinese culture.

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