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PRDA: Fundamentals for Growing Your Startup

At Prosperity Research Digital Agency(PRDA) we’re aware of how challenging, yet exciting it is to start your own business, as we’ve been a long lasting partner of many startups across Hong Kong, China and internationally. The initial excitement may soon wan, as it soon becomes apparent how daunting it can be to make the company a success, or even just to keep it going. To help, here are a few top tips to help you grow and expand your new business:

1. Target a small niche of consumers first

A common mistake entrepreneurs make is to have an idea and instantly try to spread their product out to every possible market. This can be quite counterproductive. Let’s take the “best” scenario possible where you get clients from all possible channels. Then what? Would you have the required resources to cater to the needs of all of them? You’d likely have to delay orders and/or provide poor quality services and products. Targeting a specific niche may bring clients in abit slower, however over time you’d have the available resources to expand and grow while marketing to more people. This is the way to long-term success.

2. Networking and Key Influencers

Networking is one of the best possible ways to raise your brand awareness; it can be a really powerful thing to have people share your brand. Work on building an online network with key influencers within your industry. Look for industry events created with that particular purpose in mind- to go out, meet people, share your ideas and pitch! Apart from physical networking events, you could transfer that activity to the Digital Marketing world with bloggers and throughout different social platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook. Branded content is crucial for Social Media Marketing.

3. Build a Database

Have a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system working at hand. It’s essential that any possible contact you’ve made is put into it, so that you’ll be able to retarget them on a later stage with a new offer. Put in a subscription option on your website or offer a way to sign up for your personal newsletter, the possibilities of gathering a database of leads is practically endless. Be creative, and it will pay off in the future. CRM’s are usually paid, but there are plenty of simplified free versions out there, that will be enough for a startup to conduct its business properly without having to store information on a google sheet.

With Asia’s social media experts, PRDA (Prosperity Research Digital Agency), your business will prosper in no time. Whatever business you’re running, PRDA’s Social Media Marketing strategy’s provide you with all the Digital Marketing you need to lift your business up to the sky! Intrigued? You can get free Facebook report which will provide competitor analysis and valuable key metrics about your business like the performance percentage, business growth, engagements and much more. For further details, please visit:!free-facebook-report/c1kps

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