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PRDA, the Social Media Experts answer: What Matters More, Quality or Quantity?

The growing and active communities over the many, vastly different social media platforms available today has prompted nearly every business out there to utilize social media as a part of their marketing strategy. However, only a handful of these companies truly realise the benefits that social media marketing provides. Prosperity Research Digital Agency, also known as PRDA, is the leading social media agency in Asia. Located in Hong Kong, PRDA has been in business for over 10 years and provides a complete solution for all your Social Media Marketing. They provide services such as Digital Marketing, SEM, SEO, Social CRM, Risk Management, Lead Generation, and much more.

It’s important to realize social media does not only give you the capacity to promote your business to the consumers. It also gives you the power to build an engaging community and influence your target consumers behaviour by interacting with your audience. In Social Media Marketing, both quality and quantity are crucial matters. However, when choosing the most important factor, quality is obviously the winner.

Quality Content Improves Your Credibility

The social media community tends to follow organisations that they trust. It may be true that online users want to read engaging and relevant articles and content, but they also want to make sure that the source is reliable. Your tweets and Facebook posts contribute to your reputation- and if you choose to post lots of content without considering the quality, and the source, then there will come a time that your followers will stop listening by unfollowing you or simply ignoring your posts.

Quality Content is Engaging

Your social media account should be engaging. Keeping your posts engaging can help you build your brand by driving quality and organic traffic to your site and directing leads into your marketing funnel. As you aim to build your followers by providing them quality and relevant content, you will notice that there will be an slow, but steady, increase in the likes, views, comments and shares on your posts.

Quality Content Improves Your Search Engine Ranking

Search engine sites are now indexing social media posts that the robots think are most worthy. Search engines start by searching for the social signals to identify how your posts rank. If people keep sharing and liking your posts, the robots will translate this as quality content, and your search result status will improve. You want your website to show up on page 1 when people search for it (Google it).

To help you determine if you are sharing quality content, Prosperity Research Digital Agency(PRDA)’s CEO Douglas White recommends using tools and resources that will help you measure the stats of your Social Media Marketing. You should also consider the things that you are posting; they should reflect the aim of your organisation, and it should provide helpful and essential information to your targeted audience. The content should contribute to the growth and goals of your organisation.

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