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Twitter for Business: Tools

Twitter is one of the top social media platforms used worldwide, and therefore it stands to

reason that smart business owners should utilise Twitter for social media marketing. Why?

Currently, Twitter has about 313 million active users and 82 percent of those users are active

on mobile platforms. While Instagram and Facebook exceed this number, maintaining a

social media presence on Twitter is crucial to both social media marketing, and

communication with your customer base. Social media is an important tool for any business

owner, no matter the size and scope of the business. If you’re feeling lost on where to begin,

contact PRDA! Our social media experts provide professional digital media solutions and

fresh and genuine branded content to help your startup, small businesses or corporation soar

over the competition on social media!

For new users, Twitter can be daunting at times with its #hashtag usage and using DM’s

(Direct Messages) to communicate. Keep at it though, because learning more about Twitter

can only benefit your business. Here are a few Twitter tools that you should know about and

other Twitter basics for business owners.

Twitter Tools

TweetDeck is free to use and can assist you in customizing your feed, manage notifications

and organize lists. You can also track hashtags and manage several accounts at once. Note

that TweetDeck is browser-based and only accessible via on a web browser.

HootSuite is comprehensive social media management software tool, allowing you to

manage other social media accounts, like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, at the same time.

One screen, much time saved! However, HootSuite is not free, users must pay $9.99 per

month for the pro version. HootSuite also allows users to schedule tweets in a similar manner

to TweetDeck and is only accessible from a web browser.

How to Use Twitter for Business

Social media plays multiple roles-- it can promote interactions, engagements, and brand

recognition when used properly. Business owners should carefully plan out how Twitter will

fit into their overall marketing plan, reaching multiple demographics and promoting the

company message.


Using the most appropriate hashtags on Twitter will improve your marketing, especially with

SEO (Search Engine Optimization). You can either make posts using existing hashtags or

create unique tags for your business. For instance, a hashtag like #fitness or #HK has millions

of tweets classified under it. Using common hashtags that your customer base is likely to

search for is good practice, mix this with occasional unique hashtags for special events,

contests or to draw brand attention. Because these do not always catch on and go viral, many

brands latch on to already trending topics to gain recognition and followers. Try not to

overuse #hashtags though, a tweet with many hashtags may come across to users as spam.


An excellent way to effectively communicate on social media is through the use of videos. A

short clip of only one to two minutes is all you need to tell your brand's story. Beauty and

cooking tutorials, as well as tech gadget demonstrations are very popular-- if your business is

able, definitely look into this trend.

Direct Messages

While tweets are public, Direct Messages (DM) are private and allow you to interact on a

personal level with your customer base. Some businesses encourage people to direct message

them for technical and customer assistance.

Photos, Gifs, and Polls

You can accompany a tweet with up to four photos on Twitter. Graphics (gifs and photos) can

make your text post eye-catching and attract interest. Another way to promote interactions is

by running polls. This involves creating yes or no questions and the asking for responses

from your followers.

Twitter Chats and Lists

Twitter chats require a relatively large and active follower base to be successful. In most

cases one Twitter user will host a chat at a specific time(that is tweeted ahead of time) and

prepares specific discussion points that are then answered by their followers the using a

prepared shared hashtag.

If you’re feeling lost, contact Asia’s top social media agency, PRDA for assistance. The right

social media marketing strategy can help you slay the competition - and PRDA has the

experienced team of experts you need! Contact us today for help in choosing the best Social

Media Strategy, Platforms and more for your business.

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