• Douglas White

Digital Footprint Podcast with Social Media Expert Douglas White, PRDA Founder

Douglas White, regional social media expert with more than 20 years’ marketing experience,

started off 2018 with an appearance on DTFT (Digital to Foot Traffic) Podcast, known for

being the Online Marketing Guide for Retail Stores in Hong Kong. Douglas White is both the

Founder and Business Director of PRDA, Asia’s premier Social Media Marketing agency,

which delivers social media success for our clients with proven PRDA social media

methodology. In this podcast with DTFT, Douglass talks about digital marketing strategies

using social media platforms, Facebook in particular, and how social media helps small to

medium businesses leverage customer data and increases conversions.

In the interview, Douglas recommends that brick and mortar stores never stick to just one

social media platform, it’s important to leverage your branded content across multiple

applications like Facebook, Sina Weibo, Whatsapp, Instagram, WeChat, and Viber. This

allows your to target different customer segments, as well as catch people at different times of

day and most importantly-- even more important than a customer with money in hand-- is

capturing customer data. Social media right now, from a business standpoint, is one of the

greatest sources of customer data-- even greater than Google. Right now, Facebook is starting

to rival Google analytics with their ability to provide a high level of detail on audience and

customer data. Facebook offers tools and provides ways to communicate, interact, and engage

with customers that Google does not. Douglas expounds much more on the Facebook vs.

Google topic around the 11:00 mark on the podcast, although the entire 30 minute discussion

is well worth a listen for anyone interested in the potential of social media marketing. Other

highlights include B2B and B2C marketing and social media tools that can help drive

followers (potential customers) to retail stores.

PRDA’s complete solution for Social Media Management may include digital audits, content

strategy, inbound marketing, corporate and private training, customized social media account

creation, branded content, publishing, engagement, lead generation, risk management,

SEO/SEM, analytics and competitor analysis. Contact us today to discuss your business

needs, and we’ll put together an estimate and proposal that will help your business soar over

the competition!

Connect with PRDA

Email: Douglas@PRDA.Asia

LinkedIn: WhiteDouglas





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