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Facebook Video Does a Tony Stark! Toss it up on most any device!

Facebook Video takes another step into your living room and life! A little known feature of Facebook video is its ability to, from your mobile device, send a video to your smart TV. This feature is not new, but has not been played up by Facebook. It rivals YouTube in its clarity and is so much simpler to use. What Facebook video lacks is that there are no playlists or next video options. Since Facebook does not organize media or have a robust search feature it is not the ideal way to play a video or stream a music playlist, but it is easy and wonderful to watch all the videos that stream across your news feed with full screen and full sound experience. This feature currently appears to only be available for native videos. Native videos are videos that are filmed on Facebook or uploaded directly to Facebook; no links from other sources (3rd parties).

Facebook was dead set to win the against YouTube for having the most video views, and they won that, more or less, but it seems that along the way they started to build a number of robust features to ensure success and maybe take it further. But Facebook has never been good at having a long attention span and after achieving more video views than YouTube, sort of, they seem to have lost interest and have now moved onto other things.

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