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Make LinkedIn Part of your Social Media Marketing Strategy

LinkedIn is an important part of every business' digital media strategy. Why is LinkedIn essential to a strategic, objective-based content marketing approach? Creating a strong brand presence is key to consumer perception of brand strength. Want to learn how to maximize your visibility and your value by using LinkedIn in your digital branding strategy? Read on:

PRDA.Asia is Asia’s leading social media agency, providing weekly content creation customised for your business, in English, Traditional and/or Simplified Chinese. Our proven 5-4-3-2-1 methodology delivers predictable results and has been implemented and trained in more businesses, organizations, and corporations in Asia than any other.

Here is our LinkedIn Page:

What’s the first thing you see? Our company bio. Your LinkedIn “About Us” will likely be the most read version across all of social media, and often people’s first impression of your business-- so take the time to make sure it shines!

One of the most important reasons for including LinkedIn in your Social Media Strategy is SEO. Posting on LinkedIn is one of the most cost-effective game-changers for SEO. Google is the world’s largest search engine with an incredible 2.3 million Google searches per minute. This enormous search traffic alone makes posting on LinkedIn worthwhile. If you check out LinkedIn’s analytics, it offers valuable insights including showing the top four traffic sources for each post. Google search should be one of these, if not chances are you have not optimized them for SEO. Here are a few tips to help get your posts found on Google and keep a steady stream of readers from your target-audience visiting.

  • Use relevant keywords in every post, especially the title

  • Always share your posts on Google+, this will boost your search rankings.

  • Follow up your post with a Tweet! Tweets will show up in Google search results

For business success, you need to have the right social media presence. Not sure how well your current social media strategy is performing? Ready for a Digital Transformation? Hire a knowledgeable social media manager, like the experts PRDA, Asia’s top social media agency. We do provide a free consultation to best assess your social media marketing needs. Please contact us to learn more.

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