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New Instagram Updates: Maximizing Potential for Business Marketing

Experienced social media marketers know just how fluid, and ever-evolving Social Media is-- and part of the fun of working in this field is discovering the latest platform changes and learning how to maximize their potential for business marketing. The latest Instagram announcement, about the fresh new updates to the popular image-based social networking app, is no different. PRDA, Asia's leading social media management agency, is extremely innovative when it comes to social media evolutions-- After all, PRDA Founder and Business Director Douglas White was responsible for launching Asia’s first video portal, and creating Asia's first viral video. A true social media original, Douglas soon after developed his social media methodology which is still taught to this very day at his speaking engagements and is the most effective method of implementing and delivering social media success to our clients at PRDA.

Let’s go over the new Instagram updates:

New Instagram Explore Page

Instagram users will now gain more control over what they see in the Explore tab, going way beyond simply following #hashtags. For some businesses, this is a good thing-- making it easier for your followers to find and interact with your business on Instagram. For others, it may complicate things, and reduce images views. You’ll need to get creative and find ways to make your business stand out from the crowd.

Group Video Chat

This new feature will be similar to Facebook Messenger, and allow users to virtually “hang out” with their friends and followers. Hosting a social media contest? One way this feature could be used it to congratulate winners face to face-- how thrilling would that be?

New Instagram Stories Face Filters

Love Snapchat filters? Here’s Instagram’s version of it. If you’re a techie, you will have the ability to create AR filters that Instagrammers can then feature in their stories. Great way to promote your business if you have the skills (or the funds to hire a developer).

Two other updates include Spotify and GoPro Integration-- the ability to share your favorite Spotify songs and GoPro videos with your Instagrams followers and in your Instagram Stories.

All in all, we don’t see interest in Instagram fading anytime soon-- it’s one of the top social media networks for a reason, with its only competitors being Facebook and YouTube (worldwide) and WeChat in China.

If your business is ready for a Digital Transformation, contact the social media experts at PRDA- we’ll be happy to provide you with a free evaluation, including engagement, growth, keywords and more. Contact us today!

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