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PRDA: Maximizing your Influencer Marketing Strategy

Today's consumers are progressively turning to social media reviews before making purchases-- making social media marketing more vital than ever! Influencer marketing has become a popular method of acquiring customers online, however it can require a significant investment-- both monetary and time. Getting outstanding results from your influencer campaign requires planning and knowledge of how to best leverage and activate your influencer marketing strategy. Below the digital marketing experts at PRDA have listed a few tips to assist you in elevating your branding efforts.

If your business or startup needs a digital marketing make-over, then it's time to turn to PRDA, Asia's top social media agency. In 2017 alone, PRDA founder and business director Douglas White’s proven social media methodology was introduced to more than 90 companies, including training over 600 professionals in various industries. This means PRDA's proven methodology for social media management has been implemented and trained in more companies in Asia than any other!

Read on for our pointers on maximizing your influencer marketing strategy:

Discount Codes

Pair an influencer's post with a unique coupon or discount code, this can help give their followers extra motivation towards completing a purchase.

The Value of Blog Posts

Tweets or short social media posts definitely have their place, but if you're seeking long term results a blog posting is the way to go. They have a longer lifespan and also boost SEO, ie your Google Search ranking, building both brand awareness and sales.

Social Media Platform Selection

Before choosing an influencer, determine what platforms(s) will be most effective for your business. Only after determining this should you start your search for an influencer. Be sure to include clear terms in your influencer contract on what platforms and how many posts etc you require in exchange for their fee.


For a fun variation, try challenging your influencer! This works especially well for fitness brands, where hosting a fitness challenge can boost your brand's visibility and engagement tremendously. Think outside the box and have fun with it!

PRDA offers all the social media tools your business needs to master social media and establish your brand online. We offer a full digital solution, including Content Strategy, Corporate and Private training, Branded Content, Engagement, Risk Management, SEM/SEO, Digital Audits, Inbound marketing, Account creation, Analytics and Competitor Analysis, Publishing, Social CRM and Lead Generation. Please contact Douglas White at Douglas@PRDA.Asia to inquire further, or visit our website for more information.

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