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PRDA: Halloween Marketing Ideas for Your Business

PRDA Founder and Business Director Douglas White's "Social Media Marketing: Intensive 2-Day Workshop" has sold out for 3 years running-- and for good reason! Douglas White is a very high-demand Social Media expert, highly knowledgeable on Asia- the world’s largest global ecommerce market. In 2017 alone, his proven social media methodology was introduced to more than 90 companies, including training over 600 professionals in various industries. PRDA's proven methodology for social media management has been implemented and trained in more companies in Asia than any other!

And now, not only is Halloween upon us, but November 11th, Singles Day, is very near, along with the Holidays, including Christmas and New Year’s. Many small businesses (and some larger ones) depend on this time of year to stay afloat. Attracting shoppers who are looking for ways to celebrate, purchasing gifts and decor, food and much more, is key!

Perhaps you think that since there is nothing spooky about your business, so you shouldn’t bother with Halloween… This is wrong! You are likely losing out on sales! Just as you should be thinking ahead to the upcoming shopping holidays, you should also be paying attention to Halloween. There are many smart, easy ways to “spookify”, ie market your business to Halloween shoppers.

Here are a few Halloween Marketing Ideas for Your Business:

“Spookify” your Online Presence

Add some Halloween spirit to your website and products. Offering halloween deals when your store or website is decorated for the summer isn’t going to cut it. Spicing up your social media platforms, blogs and websites is a good way to adapt to the holidays. Sit down with your teams as start brainstorms sales, decorations, and online graphics. (If it’s too late for Halloween, start applying this to any upcoming Holiday, like Single’s Day, Christmas, and New Year’s.)

Bonus Tip: A great tool for transforming images on your website to Halloween-ized images is PicMonkey.

Create Personalized Online Content about Halloween

Creating unique content about Halloween- ie writing articles, creating images, and/or video’s- is one way to draw attention to what you sell. Before and during the Holiday season, it is best to adapt your contents around facts, events and the history of the holiday you are focused on. Every year, people go online to search for various subjects around Halloween. Discovering informative articles will help not only to boost your search rankings, but also raise your popularity and reviews with online folks. On all of your social media platforms, as well as website, make sure you post regularly about the amazing things, scary stories and informative facts about the season.

Host Trick-or-Treating Promotions

Promotions are always a great way to boost sales. Adapting it to the spooky holidays makes it more fun for existing customers and visitors alike. Try out trick-or-treat promotions at both your physical and online outlets for better awareness on your products. For each promo, clearly promote a unique product and watch for a surge in sales.

How well is your current social media strategy is performing? PRDA, Asia’s leading social media agency, is ready to provide your company with the digital transformation it needs! Contact us today to learn more.

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