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Connecting with Gen Z on Social Media

2020 is here and with that, fresh social media budgets and opportunities for content creators to brainstorm new ideas that will exceed 2019’s social media content. Below PRDA's experts will explain more on how Gen Z is influencing trends in Social Media, the key being- “the quicker they can consume content, the better”. PRDA's proven social media methodology is intuitive and systematic for easy implementation and reporting. Companies that implement PRDA’s methodology routinely achieve a 40% or more improvement in performance along with seeing a reduction in resources and budget.

Social media is well known for how rapidly it changes, advancing year after year with explosive growth on some platforms. Even knowing this, 2019 has been a year of remarkable change. Gen Z’s influence is changing social media as we know it, as cult platforms like TikTok outgrow experienced social media giants like Twitter and Pinterest. Instagram, on the other hand, is fairing very well- quickly becoming Gen Z’s favorite platform. Social media influencers are on the rise, along with Snapchat stories, Reddit’s curated news feed and… well let's just say Gen Z is giving us a lot to keep up with. So, how does this affect social media in 2020?

In essence, Gen Z wants their social media, news, and other content kept short and to the point. The quick they can consume content, the better- and even better is if it's in video (2 mins or less please, and be prepared to have all the important info in the first 30 secs). Authenticity is also very important to Gen Z, your followers will be judging you just as heavily on your brand's values as they are your visuals. Everything from your employee's actions to how your brand impacts the ;ocal community and environment will be scrutinized.

There is a reason Gen Z is leaning toward more private options within social media- doing whatever they can to restrict the amount of public information brands have access to. So how to connect? Follow their lead, and get real with them. Brainstorm new approaches to developing content, research your target audience and use these insights work with influencers to create content that will resonate with your audience. With a little hard work and research, you’ll be on track to winning over Gen Z.

PRDA provides a no obligation introductory social media evaluation, including professional recommendations best suited for your business. Contact us today to learn more.

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