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Colour Theory- Boost Social Media Reach, Engagement, and ROI

Social Media is visual. There’s a reason the biggest social media giants are highly image based- like Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. Images (and video) are now the most engaging content on all social media channels. Recently, contrast in images has been shown to drive conversion rates- while posting consistently and succinctly is still the top priority, those looking to further improve their social media reach may utilize these colour theory tips to boost your follower base. After all, to locate new customers and achieve financial success your company needs to have the right social media presence. PRDA offers a full digital solution, including Content Strategy, Corporate and Private training, Branded Content, Engagement, Risk Management, SEM/SEO, Digital Audits, Inbound marketing, Account creation, Analytics and Competitor Analysis, Publishing, Social CRM and Lead Generation. Contact us today for more info.

You may be asking yourself, how can colour contrast help grow my social media presence? Well, there are 3.2 billion active social media users, all eager for relevant content- and images attract their attention. When people view information paired with an image the retention rate is 65%, compared to a measly 10% of information heard. Posts on Facebook with images accumulate 2.3 times the engagement of Facebook posts without images. In today’s digital world it’s fairly easy to create a dependable stream of images, but it does take time, skill and planning to create high-quality images that both are truly memorable and match your brand. Hiring a skilled graphic designer is the best way to guarantee your images are appealing and aesthetically consistent- but if that is not in the budget we have a few quick tips below that beginners can apply to improve their company’s social media imagery.

With practice at applying color theory to your photos and graphics you create for social media, you’ll start to pick up the science and art behind creating images that show a consistent brand image and drive your followers to action. First, consider your brand’s current colour scheme- if you already have a professionally designed logo it’s likely that these colors are good choices for your base social media palette. Aim to include these base colours in your images in some way. You can use complementary colors to create contrast, a technique used to bring the eye to a focal point. Remember to also carefully consider your target audience and how their cultural background affects their reaction to certain colours. For instance, in Western cultures the colour white often represents purity and elegance, but in many Asian cultures, it symbolizes death and bad luck. As a quick reminder, check to be sure that the colours you select appear the way you want them too on both paper and digital screens- often hues can appear differently when applied digitally. You may need to edit and adjust images to get your desired effect.

How well is your current social media strategy performing? Ready for a Digital Transformation? PRDA provides a free consultation to best assess your social media marketing requirements. Contact us today to learn more.

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