• Lasse Pettersen

15 minutes a day keeps the non-performing keywords away

Whether you’re a seasoned Google Ads campaign administrator, Chief Marketing Officer, Digital Marketing beginner or a business owner trying to figure this 'Ads thing' out; chances are you’ve had to deal with a few bad keywords (read: Apples).

So you have set up your google ads campaign, and it's running fine. Or at least so you think.

You come back a few days later and realize you have paid for a click where some person searched for "Apple services".

My guess is you don't own an Apple farm or a majority share in one of the most valuable tech companies on earth, so this situation is not optimal...

But what if you own a Real Estate Management company called "Apple's Real Estate Services"?

Competing with Apple; the tech company on "Apple services" still doesn't make sense. Here we can expect to pay for many clicks where people are just looking for help with their Apple products.

So what do we do?

Add some Negative Keywords!

Negative keywords help remove non-performing and unwanted keywords away from our Google ads campaigns, so we can keep our costs down or divert some extra budget to keywords that work really well.

In our Real Estate Services example, we can add "Apple Services" to our list of negative keywords. We can probably come up with several more, like "Apple iPhone", "Apple Products" and "Apple computers".

Coming up with negative keywords is really important, but it can be a daunting task. That's why we recommend to spend a little bit of time every day (apart from when initially setting up the campaign) to get rid of unwanted keywords.

This way you won't completely exhaust yourself.

If you cannot think of any negative keywords to put in your campaign, don't worry. We have a little trick up our sleeves.

Although it does not have the most business-friendly name, KeywordShitter is a great tool to help find Keywords. Simply put in the keyword you want to find ideas for and it starts outputting keywords!

Here we have put in "Apple" as a keyword and generated a long list of keywords that we can now use as negative keywords for our campaign.

This tool is also great for finding keywords that you haven't thought about for your campaign. Just make sure you know how to think about keywords:

  • Informational Keywords: These search terms have the end goal of learning something. Use these for tutorials, guides, and how-to type articles. Think “SEO basics” or “How to execute content marketing.”

  • Transactional Keywords: Users entering these search terms are interested in buying something. “Best basketball under $40” and “Cheap CRM software” are examples.

  • Navigational: Once your brand grows enough, users will begin searching for your business name in the form of a navigational keyword like "Apple". The goal is to navigate to specific website or app.

There you have it, 15 minutes of "weeding" out bad apples, every day, should help keep your costs down and the non-performing keywords away.

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