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Social Media Strategy 2019 Workshop - Singapore - 14-15 February 2019

Social Media Strategy 2019 Workshop - Hong Kong - 21-22 February 2019

Join seven-time Pacific Conferences Speaker Douglas White for his popular, interactive Social Media Strategy 2019 Workshop in Singapore from 14-15 February 2019 and in Hong Kong from 21-22 February 2019. His workshop has sold out completely in the last 3 years- sign up early to ensure your attendance! Last year’s sold-out workshop had people traveling from 5 countries to learn from Douglas White, regional social media expert, with more than 20 years’ marketing experience and Founder of PRDA, Asia’s first agency offering full social media management services. Every attendee can expect to walk away from this two-day, interactive workshop with tailored information on how to leverage the latest techniques and tools in order to create a winning social media strategy aligned with your business objectives.

Douglas’s unique “5-step, 4 KPIs” strategy has been taught to more companies and organizations in Asia than any other, and will help you learn how to effectively tailor your social media content for maximum audience engagement, by using algorithmic factors to the best advantage and assisting you in setting realistic goals to accomplish optimal social media performance and ROI reporting. Douglas will also give you tools to track meaningful metrics, such as Fanpage Karma, Google Analytics, Hootsuite, Hashtagify and Facebook adverts.

This is a hands-on, interactive course, where you will be able to plan out a winning social media strategy for Your Brand. Some of the exercises you’ll be participating in, in order to tailor your strategy for real-world applications, will be a review of your current digital assets followed by a social audit and learning how to find content and select keywords for your brand. You’ll learn how to best write messages and identify the social CRM approach for different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. In short, you can expect to walk away with an outline for getting your business back on track to using social media to its best advantage-- extremely important in this day and age.

Learn from an expert, someone well versed in the latest trends and strategies-- especially in Asia. Asia’s e-commerce market is huge, and you’ll be primed to make your mark with the tools from, in our humble opinion, the best Social Media Workshop Leader in Asia, Douglas White.

Social Media Strategy 2019 Workshop - Singapore - 14-15 February 2019

Social Media Strategy 2019 Workshop - Hong Kong - 21-22 February 2019

About us:

PRDA is Asia’s leading social media agency for a reason, our Founder and Business Director Douglas White is a very high-demand Social Media expert with a proven social media methodology and highly knowledgeable on the largest global ecommerce market; Asia. In 2017 alone, his proven social media methodology was introduced to more than 90 companies, including training over 600 professionals in various industries. PRDA is ready to provide your company with the digital transformation it needs! Contact us today to learn more.

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