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Twitter for Business: Advertising

PRDA is Asia’s leading social media agency, providing weekly content creation, customised for your business, in English, Traditional and/or Simplified Chinese. Our proven data driven process delivers predictable results driven by organic, real people action. Currently, Twitter has about 313 million active users, with 82 percent active on mobile platforms-- and they are only growing larger!

Statistics show that people are about 40% percent more likely to buy from a brand they recognize. This is why sharing information, increasing brand awareness and interacting with followers is crucial to business success. With every tweet your goal is to have your content shared, or retweeted-- so even though tweets allow 140 astute tweeters should try to stick to a roughly 100-110 character limit. If you fill up all the writing space, retweeting becomes overly difficult and your followers will pass over your tweet for a shorter one.

Using Twitter is free, but there are plenty of paid advertising options that can assist you in promoting your business. However, when it comes to social media, realize that Organic Content is King-- the more original content you have, the more visibility you’ll have to your target audience.

Paid Advertising Options Include

Promoted Tweets appear on Twitter feeds of users who have not followed your account. These paid tweets appear just like regular tweets, except that they are labeled "promoted" across the bottom of the ad. These are best used to increase brand awareness across your key target demographics.

Promoted Accounts assist brands in becoming more discoverable and to rapidly grow followers. These ads are displayed in multiple locations on Twitter, and target Twitter users who are more likely to interact with the advertiser’s content. For instance, a user who tweets and follows pages about motorcycles will see promoted account ads of other motorcycle brands and related merchandise and gear. These ads are labeled as "promoted" just like the Promoted Tweets above are.

Promoted Trends appear at the top of the trending topics list on Twitter and look exactly like other trending topics except for also being labeled as “promoted”. While Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts target specific users, Promoted Trends are shown to all users and are visible on Twitter's mobile apps. If you'd like to get people talking about your business with a unique hashtag, Promoted Trends are a good tool to use.

As you can see, Twitter has excellent ways of advertising that any business can utilise. In addition, the social network offers an array of marketing tools to boost your advertisements.

Twitter Amplify enables users to share to real-time television content, including sports highlights or broadcasted shows, to targeted users.

Promoted Video is different from sharing a YouTube video in your tweets. While both options let you play a video on your Twitter feed, Promoted Video content targets dedicated end customers and is only available as a paid marketing tool.

App Promotion is a tool specifically made for app development companies. The ads run on Twitter mobile apps, and allows you to target your audience precisely and choose devices that can see the ad. (Android vs iPhone)

One of the best things for businesses of all sizes is to have the right social media presence. With Social Media being so key to success in today’s digital world, you should take advantage of a knowledgeable social media manager, like the experts at Asia’s top social media agency--PRDA. Contact us today for business success on social media and digital transformation!

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