Improve Ecommerce Sales with these Quick Fixes


Improve Ecommerce Sales with these Quick Fixes

February 9, 2017

Many startups are trying to cash in on the rising trend of ecommerce these days- and are struggling. Why does that happen? Your product shows plenty of activity on Google Trends; why aren’t sales steadily rising as more online shoppers discover your ecommerce shop? The problem may not the product, but simple mistakes that business owners make while launching their product online. Successful businesses utilize proper social media techniques, like the experts at Prosperity Research Digital Agency(PRDA)- Asia’s leading social media agency. Catapult your business to success, with PRDA’s social media experts leveraging your business on the technicalities and algorithms of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. to maximise your content reach and engagement.


Here are a few quick fixes to improve your ecommerce sales:



Use Spell Check

  • The minute a buyer notices spelling mistakes on your site, they automatically distrust your brand. Hire someone or have several colleagues review your content before publishing it to ensure your spelling and grammar are correct.  You can also use online tools to review your spelling- though review by a real, live human is highly recommended.


Use Variety in your Keywords

  • To engage customers and grab better opportunities, stop using the same keywords over and over again. Your product descriptions should include a variety of terms potential customers might use and your site’s search tool should instantly offer the desired results.




Upgrade Your Site’s Search Tool

  • The best way to expand your business is by upgrading your site’s search tool. Serious customers should be able to use terms that are already present in your comprehensive product description, hence finding their way to the product they desire.


Must Be Mobile-Ready

  • The majority of online shoppers now browse via mobile devices, so your business MUST be designed to work well with mobile phones.


Prosperity Research Digital Agency(PRDA) provides weekly content creation catered to your company, in English, Traditional or Simplified Chinese. Their proven data driven process delivers predictable results driven by organic, real people action. Try their Free Facebook Report and Competitor Analysis here.


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