How to Use Instagram Carousel Posts for Your Business


How to Use Instagram Carousel Posts for Your Business

January 25, 2018


Social media is a powerful tool that businesses worldwide are using to promote sales and 

growth of their companies. PRDA shows that there are so many ways that one can use social 

media sites, such as Instagram, to reach your sales goals amongst other things. Recently 

Instagram launched a new carousel feature, where you can post more videos or photos in a 

single post. Many businesses have already discovered how to use this to market their 

products and services but if you haven’t gotten on board with this, no worries as there is still 

time to learn.


Promote a New Line of Products

Initially, you could only post a single photo when promoting a product or service that you’re 

offering which made it difficult to advertise a whole line. However, the new carousel feature 

allows you to post several photos under one post which makes it easier for your customers to 

view all the products that you’re offering without having to go back and forth. Using this 

when introducing a line is perfect since you expose a potential buyer to all that is new within 

your company.


Promotional Videos

Instagram videos can only be about one minute long, which used to make it difficult to get 

your message across. This is not the case anymore, as now you can post several one minute 

videos in a single post to advertise a product or a promotion that you are having.


Share Event and Customer Photos

Social media sites are not only great for making your customers aware of what you have to 

offer, but they are also perfect for allowing you to share with your clients and show them 

what the business is involved in. this helps in creating a better relationship with customers, 

and that is why it is encouraged through carousel postings. You can post photos of customers 

who have bought your goods or even events that you have been involved in.


Gain Followers

Instagram offers businesses the chance to pay to advertise their products, and with the help of 

carousel posts, you can make such adverts with several photos and videos that will show 

potential clients more of what you offer. This is a great way to drive traffic toward your 

Instagram page which can mean more sales if your target market is reached.


Building a Brand

Customers want to see more about your business, it’s mission and things it is involved with-- 

think behind the scenes stuff. Carousel postings help to build a sense of trust with clients who 

are able to relate to the business, which is always good for getting more work and sales.


If you are looking for professional assistance then PRDA is here to help you make the smart 

online marketing selections. PRDA is a prominent, well-known social media management 

agency that is valued by its clients because of its successful, well-organized services such as 

branded content, SEM, reputation management, digital strategy, eCRM and much more. Get 

in touch with us today!


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