Asia Rocks! We Are the Largest and Fastest Growing Region for Digital Communications


Asia Rocks! We Are the Largest and Fastest Growing Region for Digital Communications

February 15, 2018


PRDA, Hong Kong’s premier social media agency, believes that any business can have an 

immense competitive advantage by utilizing social networks properly. The concept is of using 

a social network is simple: A business benefits from social networks when the value of their 

platforms increases with each additional user that joins. Knowing which social media 

platforms have the largest growth and target demographics for your business will help you 

spend your time wisely growing your social media following. According to the latest study, 

Asia has become a major force in the growth of Facebook.


Social Media Growth in Asia is Outpacing the Entire World

Facebook’s overall advertising revenue hit a record high of US$8.8 billion from October to 

December 2017. Its revenue from users across Asia has doubled in the past 15 months!


According to the study, Facebook has been increasing their user base at an average of 14% 

internationally. However, the rate of growth in Asia is more evident and faster at a 20% 

increase rate. With regards to its active users, there are almost 400 million daily active users 

of Facebook in Asia which is bigger compared to the rest of the world.  


By the end of last year, the number of Facebook users in Asia comprised more than 33% of 

its entire users. A large percentage of these users came from India, however, Southeast Asia 

has also become a major contributor to this growth. There are around 82 million users in 

Indonesia, 37 million active users in Thailand, 24 million in the Philippines, and 21 million in 



Despite the notable growth, the digital communications industry is still facing challenges, one 

notable issue Facebook has mentioned is that despite the growth in the region, the revenue 

per user remains low. Facebook has surpassed US$2 in revenue per user, which is a milestone 

for the region-- but it’s far below the money it makes from people in Europe ($5.98 revenue 

per user) and the US (which registered at an impressive $19.81). Although this is 

disappointing, Facebook has said it’s committed to delivering premiere connectivity 

throughout the Asian region and will continue to work until all people have the opportunity to 

access the social networking giant.


Businesses of any types and industry may take advantage of this growth by increasing their 

social media presence. PRDA is committed to helping companies to boost their online 

presence and credibility in various online platforms. This will not only improve your 

visibility and authority but will also increase company revenue.


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