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January 22, 2020




With over 376 million people on social media, investing in a Social Media Marketing professional is a wise choice for establishing or growing your business in Southeast Asia. PRDA is a Asia's #1 Social Media Agency, headquartered in Hong Kong. At PRDA, we give you all the things you need for social media success- we've spent over 14 years transforming local brands and building businesses with our proven and insightful 5 step process. Below is some of what we offer our clients, but please feel free to contact us for more information, especially about our China specific social media strategies. We also offer a free Facebook report and competitor analysis, with valuable key metrics for your company.


Our Full Social Media Suite of Services includes:


Social Advertising

Social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, now have more advertising functions and analytics than ever- which can make seeing the trends and follower activity tough to sort out. Social media professionals are best able to manage these complex tasks, reviewing pixels, remarketing, relevance score, the customer funnel and other important data that can be vital to a growing company. PRDA experts are able to sort through all this information, putting the important stats into a comprehensive monthly report for our clients to review and use to their advantage. Contact us for more information 




SEM/ Google Adwords 

SEM, or Search Engine Marketing, helps boost your online presence by increasing your visibility on search engine results pages (like Google). This is one of the oldest and most thorough digital marketing data collection tools. The data can be used to effectively integrate online consumer behavior with social advertising, as well as to improve your social media strategy- and thus accomplish your goals, like boosting sales.


Brand Alignment 

PRDA experts are able to review and analyze your digital assets to provide feedback and establish that your company’s branding is executed consistently- the brand message is aligned across all digital channels. We also check the functionality of each of your social media profiles to ensure it is optimized with the most current functions available.


Community Management - Demographic targeted fans and followers 

  • Facebook 

  • Twitter 

  • Instagram

  • Sina Weibo 

  • Other social media platforms as requested as well as KOLs engagement and more


Ask for our free Facebook performance report and competitor analysis today, and make 2020 your best year for Social Media Marketing yet! 


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Prosperity Research Digital Agency(PRDA): PRDA's Founder Douglas White developer of proven 5 step, 4 KPIs process of Social Media Marketing.


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